Idea about breeding!

I know what I want. I have a clear picture of what kind of dogs I will try to educational work. Breeding of dogs is not easy, and it can also use shortcuts. when design a combination, I wonder if, how come the time to continue. I do not ever do a combination, which I would also be willing to take the puppies.

I appreciate a good body strength, holistic health, correct body proportions, good structure, typical of the breed,Small German Spitz characterized by a guard dog character, pure colors, rich easy to care for coat. I am trying to use on my breeding outcrosses, whenever possible. Alignment must be a justification. I do not want repeat the same combination, but if I ever get any to do, so there is a clear reason why the combination is made.

Dogs are my life, and because I offer to my dogs a good life, I require it from puppy buyers, too. All potential breeding dogs, I cannot keep at my home, so for the cooperative, the breed and the dog interested placinghomes is always in demand. I won't sell puppies by the phone or via e-mail, everyone have come to see me personally.

No one can grow alone and I am very grateful for their help and fruitful cooperation which I have received Esa and Laura Ruotsalainen, kennels Tempore and Tirhan Tempore. I was able to explore the race with the assistance of professionals and the from there gradually matured the idea for own breeding work.

Kleinspitzrace's character, only in finnish Interpretation of the breed standard, only in finnish

“Even if you have all the knowledge and skill in the world, the nature strike however, always some hits the deck!”

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Maiju Savolainen
Ruotsintie 47, 94700 Kemi

Phone: (+35850) 436 13 35