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When I was a young girl under schoolage, my family took our the first dog, Nalle. Nalle was mixed line, there was "some spitz". The next dog was the real racedog, wire fox terrier, which one learned I to trim and at 10-years old, I trimmed others dogs too. After the fox, we took samoyed which one took about couple of years. With the fox terrier, accessed I to the exhibitions.

At the year 1983 took I my the first german shephard, show line female and from this point started the long and diligent enthusiasm of the german shephard race.

I have had 4 show german shephards and 3 working/mixed lines shepherds. As doing working as a hobby I have participated actively organized by the Association of German Shepherd Dog Obedience - the trace - and protection seminars.One of the decade went by the subdivision of an active, as an subdivision's chairwoman. The German Shepherd Dog Association has been appreciative of the work to my German shepherd dogs, and have given me a silver badge.

My hobbies was with my german shepherd dogs special exhibitions, the forest track, field tracking, search and protection trials.

At the year 2001 I got my the first kleinspitz, gray, gorgeous C.I.B&NORDIC&FI&SE&NO CH Bounty von der Frenzels Spitzbuben, Esa Ruotsalainen (kennel Tirhan) brought her from Germany, and placed her to me. Before my the first litter , I have studied and engaged in the race about 10 years together. I have taking breeder's basic and an advaced courses and at the year 2005 I applied for a kennelname Graubube (gray critter). I have graduated the courses of studies also SuKoKa's (Finnish Dog Breeders' Association), organized by the breederacademy, which began in August year 2010, and ended in June 2011.

I have signed the Finnish Kennel Club's breeder's commitment and I'm the exhibition officer too.

“The Breeder's job is to keep the race as it is, not chance it!”

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